Empower Yourself with Ritual Baths

Ritual Baths are an important part of all magick rituals, and one of the first things you can do to get yourself prepared for ritual and into magickal consciousness. We incorporate a variety of tools and techniques to invoke our magickal consciousness and the ritual bath is something we love to do before all our rituals.

I often have even a ritual bath before I began to craft and write a ritual, along with having one the day I’m doing my ritual work. And sometimes, they are nice to have just because you need some nurturing and or purification. Ritual baths are not only relaxing, they can serve as a powerful way to cleanse, purify and let go of negativity you may be consciously or unconsciously holding on to. All things we want to do prior to any spell work.

Here’s how we learned to do our ritual baths. Fill the tub up with warm water, add salts, herbs and/or essential oils that compliment your ritual work. If you are looking for an amazing seasonal bath recipe, Gina Capella of Ever Flowing Light shared with us some of her enchanting apothecary recipes at the end of this post.

Self Love Recipe; Photo by Gina Capella

Adorn your bath as if it were an altar, a beautiful sacred temple bath. Slowly step into the bath feeling the water rise against your skin and sink in. Close your eyes, take a slow, long deep inhale, then exhale it out completely. Do this 3 times then return to a natural breath. Allow yourself to relax and meditate for at least 3 min. After the first 3 minutes you can choose to continue to relax a few minutes more or, what I like to do at this point is, use a herb sugar scrub or luffa over the body. Then relax and meditate again. Aim for 11 minutes of relaxation or meditation this time.

When you are ready to get out, don’t just jump out of the bath. What you’ll want to do is pull the drain and sit back and allow the water to drain out. Feel it draining away down your skin, draining away your worries, doubts and/or negativity until the bath is empty. Then rise up into the magickal Fae that you are.

Living Fae Melanie Dawn & Anne Elizabeth

If you don’t have a tub, you can certainly have a ritual shower. Approach your shower in a similar fashion. I’ve actually, incorporated a daily ritual cold shower into my life, and have found it to be extremely transformative and live up to its accolades. Not only does it wake you up, but it has so many great benefits. It opens your capillaries, detoxifies organs, keeps the blood healthy, activates your glands, reduces muscle soreness, strengthens your nervous system, and keeps your skin radiant. Not to mention it has been known to help many people say good-bye to anxiety, depression and whole host of other ailments.

This is how I approach the daily cold shower. First, gently dry brush, then massage almond or coconut oil on the skin. Take a deep breath and fearlessly step in and exhale. When I started, I jumped in and spun around for about 3 seconds, but as I committed and continued to do it, I moved from a quick spin to staying in. You can also start cold and end with hot if you need to.

Ritual Bath Recipes for Autumn by Ever Flowing Light:

Mix epsom salt or dead sea salt crystals with your choice of herbs. Then put them in jar to store.

Self Love Recipe:

Self Love Herbs; Photo by Gina Capella
  • Rose
  • Hibiscus
  • Lavender
  • Catnip
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

Purification and Protection Recipe:

Protection and Purification Herbs; Photo by Gina Capella
  • Juniper
  • Marigold
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • St. John-s-wort
  • Elder Flower
Protection and Purification by Gina Capella, Ever Flowing Light; Photo by Gina Capella

Love, light and faerie dust ♥¨*.✫*¨*.¸¸.♥*¨.✫¨♥¨*.✫*

Blessed Be!

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