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Our mission is to spread light, love, peace, inspiration, empowerment and the magic of believing! When we embarked upon our journey we began with the creation of altars for events. Since then it has allowed us to express our creativity and divine true self in a plethora of ways. Living Fae is about elegance, divine inspiration, and creativity with a dash of pixie dust.


Anne Elizabeth


Anne Elizabeth is a native born Californian with shamanic ancestry. Her connection with the earth and all its creatures is strong and natural. Anne was born on the summer solstice and even before she understood her magical path she was celebrating the solstice just as a faerie would.

Anne holds an annual Summer Solstice Celebration where she leads a public ritual to honor and give gratitude to the faeries, Mother Earth and the goddess Pachamama. It’s an event that all who attend look forward to every year. It’s one of the most magical celebrations you can imagine and it’s been proven to transmute, purify and manifest attendee’s dreams.

Anne began to dive full force into her spiritual path when she and Melanie met. She spent a Samhain dancing around in a moon crescent circlet and there was no turning back. Over the years it has transpired into the path she walks today. Anne found the more she fine tuned her spiritual path, the more the faerie in her became a butterfly. She is often referred to as the blue faerie, because that’s her color.

Anne is also a certified Pilates instructor which has been key to the balance she holds in spiritual practice and daily life.

Melanie Dawn

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 3.49.49 PMMelanie Dawn has had a passion for faeries as long she can remember. Her mother will affirm that every year for Halloween growing up when asked what she wanted to be, she always answered “a faerie”.

Melanie grew up with a deep yearning and interest in spirituality.  In her 20’s she decided to dive full force into the study and practice of mysticism which guided her on the spiritual path she walks today. When asked to describe it she’ll tell you, “it’s really just an amalgamation of all the things I’ve studied and practiced, but most importantly it’s the creative source that comes out of me intuitively. I think that’s what my study and practice really taught me. And of course it always has some faerie flair to it because my inner being is faerie. One of my spiritual teachers once said to me, ‘once a faerie always a faerie.’ At the time I wasn’t sure what he meant by it but I do now. To top it off I was born on the Lammas, a popular faerie day. I think that plays a part in it.”

She grew up in Winnipeg, MB Canada. Her spiritual practice includes blessings, yoga, altars and holding sacred space.


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