Beltane Blessings

It’s flower crown season! We love the magic and active energy of Beltane. It’s a beautiful time for inspiration and exploration of your creative spirit. At Beltane, energies are strong. Life is bursting!

Make flower crowns, build an altar, set and nurture intensions. What do you feel is more aligned with the creative energy of your spirit?

Wrapping the May Pole
Free flowin’
daisy rollin’
may day fills the soul
we wrap the ancient wisdom
while circling the pole
Flowers of our secrets
recollections of the past
the sun’s music lights our spirits
this memory will last
Pagan dreams of magic
where ends do not exist
another druid symbol
I hope you get the gist
Following the breeze indeed
skipping on the tide
searching for a simple sign
way deep down inside
It’s a song the little people
wrote so long ago
that we sing around the circle
to remind us what we know

Author of Wrapping the May Pole: Danny Goldberg

Many Beltane blessings to you. Light, love and faerie dust over all your dreams and wishes from us to you!

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