You Want To Be A Faerie

There have been many times we have been asked what it means to be faerie or even just how to be a faerie, so we thought it was time to share what we know and do with you.

Being faerie is honestly the most fulfilling, magical and beautiful way we have chosen to live our lives. Overtime, we found the more we embraced this part of ourselves and allowed it to express itself in whichever way it pleased, the more we became it with every essence, every molecule, ever particle of our being. Hence the term “being faerie”. Now, we’re not going to try and pull the wool over your eyes and say we never encountered any resistance. There has been plenty of that. Sometimes from the outside world, sometimes it was our own egos. However, the more we tuned into this inner part yearning to express itself the more gratitude and fulfillment we were shown for honoring it. Any time we were bound and determined to keep it more hidden or contained, seemed to be the times when the universe just made sure to give us the right nudge to let it out where it could shine.

There will always be some out there that think living your life as a faerie is silly or childish, but silliness and childlike behavior is all part of being faerie anyhow, so don’t worry about the naysayers. Let them brew about, while you choose to arrive at a place where imagination is limitless. The truth be told, there is much grace, dignity, and elegance that goes with being faerie.

Choosing to live this life means being true to you, against all odds. It means embracing that which cannot be seen by those with an untrained mind and projecting it in a way that they can. It means dreaming, it means believing, it means tapping into a feeling of pure joy and devotion, and expressing it without limitation. It means spreading your wings and flying. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It is.

Whether you’re already living a full-fledged faerie life, reading this to discover your inner faerie, or you are simply just curious about how real faeries live, be sure to check back often for more. We’ll be blogging about all the different things that guide us. It’s sure to take you on a magical fun filled journey of discovery. And if you are just plain old skeptic, we are already giggling at the thought that you might even come away with an inkling of belief. Now that’s faerie magic!

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