Faerie Friendship Circle for the Full Moon

What’s your vision? Dare to dream! The possibilities are limitless.

Spend some time outside and embrace the magic of nature. Close your eyes, take a few breaths, see your vision, feel it, then open your eyes and gaze upon the beauty of the moon. Bask in its light and feel the circle of love beaming upon you from all of those who support you. Your friends, family, faeries, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

Get ready for the extraordinary! The full moon is blessed with the power to reward those who believe in their dreams no matter what.

Love, Light, and Faerie Moon Dust!

Altar by Living Fae & Minx

About Melanie Dawn

Melanie Dawn is a professional digital brand strategist and producer. She is also known for building altars and sacred space, performing gratitude rituals and blessings, and designing fae goddess jewelry and creations under the name Living Fae. Melanie published her first children's book The Land Beyond Time and the Faerie Master Spell Guide and is the host two blogs: livingfae.com and noplantohappiness.com. Her new projects in development are: Emagicka, the sequel to The Land Beyond Time, and Glennie Fairy. Melanie is true believer in manifest destiny and lives by all the words she writes and speaks. www.facebook.com/LivingFae; www.twitter.com/FaerieMelanie

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