October Moons


New Moon is Tuesday, October 13th

There is light in the dark phase of the new moon. The October New Moon falls in Libra and has a sense of excited anticipation for a positive change in your relationships. The last tentacles of drama quickly lose its energetic grip to allow for a complete transformation through firey passions and desires. This is the final shift from the powers of the super moon in September. The new moon dances with bubbling romance, success and happiness.

Full Moon is Tuesday, October 27th at 5:05am PST

For the October Full Moon we move into Taurus. This full moon is heightened by the planet Neptune, bringing in more white light energy, spiritual protection and increased awareness and unconditional love to your relationships. In addition to what Neptune brings, a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, further amplify and strengthen happiness and success in love and passionate desires actualizing in your life.

For more details on dates and times of the moon in your city check out http://www.moongiant.com/moonphases/october/2015/

Love, light and faerie dust!¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫

HARVEST MOON: Super Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Sunday September 27th

It’s the Harvest Moon this evening, and its a beautiful Blood Moon in Aires at that. This is the 4th and final eclipse in the lunar tetrad. That’s four total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart.

The moon rises at 7pm PST and the lunar eclipse goes from 7:11 to 8:23pm.

Mystic Mamma tells us, “It’s all energy. We’re swimming in energetic streams. We are connected to the movements of the cosmos and are all woven together in this intricate and multidimensional tapestry that is Life. There is a lot of charge in the air which could be wiping some of us out! Energy has been building toward this BLOODMOON~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, which is the final of the “rare” tetrad configuration that will culminate on September 27th.

Passions will be stirring so we must take deep breaths, connect with the grounding energy of the Earth, and bring patience and love to our interactions/relationships. We can transmute the fire and rise to see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart.”

As you observe the full moon tonight see yourself releasing old, negative energy patterns so you can create space to bring in new lessons and growth. Surrender and allow for a transformation to let go of behavior patterns that may have caused you to react to life with anger. In those moments you felt alone, awaken and realize you are not. Allow yourself to move into a place of cooperation and balance with those around you. You will transmuting your lower powers into your highest power.

What are your triggers for anger? Acknowledge. Embrace. Love. Release. Transform.

Living Fae will be honoring the sacred energies of this time with our Sunset Family and Friends at the Season Closer at Stafford Lake. May the Harvest Moon bestow many blessings upon you. Love, light and faerie dust!¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫