Sunset Sound Meditation – Sunday, April 24th


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We had such a great experience hosting the Sunset Sound Meditation that we’ll be hosting our second one at the SF Buddhist Center on Sunday, April 24th at 2:30pm.

Inspired through the experiences we’ve had hosting the Faerie Ring workshops at Sunset Campout, Sunset Sound System embarked on a new journey with us in conscious living and events, as a way to offer holistic experiences for our community to come together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.48.56 PMSunset Sound Meditation is a restorative 1hr 30min Sound Immersion designed to balance and restore energy in the body and to support the expansion of unconditional love and acceptance.

Guests start in a seated position for a Chakra Balancing with vibrational sounds and deep heart expansion. Following the chakra balancing is Danny Goldberg’s 1-hour Sound Immersion Experience where guests lie down in savasana while Danny plays the gongs, Tibetan bowls, flute, chimes and ocean drum. During the Sound Immersion Experience, the room is lightly scented with essential oils.

After the hour, guests are gently guided into an awakening from the journey and a vibrational group Aum.

There is tea and a blessed sound infused water offering available for guests before leaving the center.

All attendees must leave their shoes at the door before entering the sanctuary as a sign that they are letting go and preparing to set intension.


PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 – 20 MIN IN ADVANCE to get situated. We will be starting on time and locking the doors to the center within 10 minutes of starting.

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow. The center does have a limited number of mats and blankets to borrow if you need one.

TICKETS: On sale now at

Please purchase your ticket in advance. The event space has very LIMITED CAPACITY.

PARKING: Mission Bartlett Parking Garage is around the corner on 21st.

ESSENTIAL OILS: A small sampling of essential oils have been specially selected to amplify the overall experience. We do not recommend attending if you are adverse to the scent of essential oils.

SACRED SPACE/ALTAR: Living Fae will hold space through the journey and adorn the beautiful Buddha altar in the sanctuary.


This event has no religious affiliation, however the SF Buddhist Center asks that we share and respect their precepts of non-harm with everyone who enters the sanctuary.

I undertake to abstain from taking life.
I undertake to abstain from taking the not-given.
I undertake to abstain from sexual misconduct.
I undertake to abstain from false speech.
I undertake to abstain from taking intoxicants.

With deeds of loving kindness, I purify my body.
With open-handed generosity, I purify my body.
With stillness, simplicity, and contentment, I purify my body.
With truthful communication, I purify my speech.
With mindfulness clear and radiant, I purify my mind.


The Sunset Campout Faerie Ring is a sacred communal space to relax, breathe, reconnect and experience a little Sunset Campout magic. Throughout the years, it quickly evolved into an area hosting yoga, meditation and creative conscious workshops. Living Fae are the creators of the Sunset Campout Faerie Ring and altars. They have been holding space, designing altars and sacred space, and performing opening ceremony for Sunset Sound System parties and Sunset Campout since 2002. Living Fae’s light and love creations serve to inspire and uplift those touched by their spiritual installations and have blessed numerous festivals and events including: The Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, Agape International Spiritual Center, Global Sound Healing Conference, Faerie Worlds, their annual Summer Solstice Celebration, Living Fae events and more.

Danny is creator of the Sound Immersion Experience in which he weaves the restorative vibrations of singing bowls, gongs & chimes to create a blanket of healing sounds. The vibrations of these instruments enable us to journey within & center. The sound provides a channel for release, opening & transformation, tuning our vibrational frequency. Danny performs solo & in collaboration with Hatha Flow, Yoga Nidra, Yin/Restorative, Kundalini, Qigong, Breathwork, EFT & Meditation Danny offers the Sound Immersion Experience for individual or group sessions at yoga studios, healing centers & events throughout the U.S.including: Globe Sound Healing Conference, Phases of the Moon Festival-Sanctuary Producer, New Living Expo, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Breathe Yoga, Divinitree Yoga, Yoga Tree & many more. Danny has performed for Sunset Campout, UC Santa Cruz & Foothill College Music Programs, Science & Nonduality Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Beloved, Lucidity, Symbiosis Gathering & many other events.


Since 1994 Sunset Sound System and its legendary SUNSET Party has been dedicated to bringing music and people together in unique and beautiful settings.



The Gathering 24th Anniversary, Saturday December 12th

We are honored to be part of this collective and to altar the SF Sound Factory once again for this monumental event.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.39.29 PM

The Gathering parties were born in San Francisco, CA in 1991 when 4 small SF Rave parties came together for one event. Malachy (Come-Unity), Tony (Pieces), Kenny & Harry (Destiny), and Martin (Eklypz) joined as one to bring the scene together for a massive party. At the first meeting a Hopi Indian passage was recited:

For those who stay here on Grandmother Earth,

They will totally gain the light of the great light wheel.

There will be one humanity, one planet composed of all the different ways of dancing in complete harmony in the great gathering together circle.

In 1991 the seeds will be planted….


We hope to see you on the dance floor!

Love, light and faerie dust! ¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫

Living Fae



Summer Solstice, Let’s Celebrate!

A blessed Litha and Summer Solstice to you and your loved ones on this magical weekend, and a very special Happy 40th Birthday to our favorite blue faerie, Anne Elizabeth.


May the long time sun shine upon you,

All love surround you,

And the pure light within you,

Guide your way on.

There are many ways you can celebrate and perform ritual on Summer Solstice. If you are looking for ideas on how to create your own ritual read our blog posts Steps to Create a Sacred Ritual and How to Celebrate Summer Solstice ~ Midsummer ~ The Cusp of Magic ~ Litha

We hope your Summer Solstice is full of love, light and magic! May many blessings shine upon you. The time is fully charged and magnified with radiating energies to manifest. Stay focused and keep watering your dreams. They will grow into an abundant field of gold before you know it. Celebrate your awesomeness and remember to spend some time dancing amongst the faeries. They do love a good party!

Summer Solstice 2015 is at 9:39am PDT Sunday, June 21st. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere Happy Winter Solstice! Love, light and sun kissed faerie dust!¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫


Sunset Campout July 17 – 19th: Faerie Ring with Living Fae

Our favorite annual 3 days of art, music, and camping event, Sunset Campout, is quickly approaching and we are fervently planning enhancements and an evolution to the Sunset Campout Faerie Ring and Workshops. Sunset Campout takes place in Belden Town, CA along the breathtaking Feather River July 17 – 19th, 2015.


Sunset Campout ~ Feather River

We are over the moon in anticipation for another utopian weekend in the woods with our Sunset family and friends, and in our 13th year designing altars and sacred space for Sunset.


Faerie Ring Faerie Temple

As with previous years we began planning early on with our Sunset Sound System organizers, Galen and Solar, with a desire to inspire and enlighten the crew and festival goers. That early collaborative planning gave birth to this year’s Sunset Campout theme.

Walkway to Dance Magic

Walkway to Dance Magic

“Starting in 2013 we began to create an inspirational theme for the Sunset Campout as a way to unify all our creative crews and festival goers in a way that reflects the mood of our current collective.  The theme is not meant to be only a literal guide but more intended to trigger mental imagery or a feeling one can draw upon for inspiration that will connect us all for our amazing weekend in the woods.  This year’s theme is ShangriLa, the mystical utopia of the Himalayas. ShangriLa represents both a magical hidden place and an era of enlightened consciousness.  In the 1933 novel, The Lost Horizon, it’s described as an earthly paradise, where people are permanently happy, have a sense of purpose and are almost immortal.  It’s a place filled with enchantment and wonder that lies deep within the hearts of those who live there and those who seek to find it. For many of our attendees and contributors alike, the Sunset Campout has been described as an almost utopian setting. This is our own ShangriLa, nestled in a hidden valley, protected from the outside world, for one weekend together. This year we invite you to be inspired to recreate and embody your version, no matter how abstract, of ShangriLa.” ~ Sunset Sound System

Beach Stage

Beach Stage

With the careful and thoughtful planning of our organizers comes this year’s stellar music line up! Magda, Alex Bowman, Eddie C, Thugfucker, Gavin Russom, Aurora Hall, Magic Touch, Monty Luke, Carlos Souffront, Solar, Galen, J-Bird and many, many, many more. For details, audio and a complete listing go to the Sunset Campout website.

Sunset Campout Faerie Ring

Sunset Campout Faerie Ring

In a steady effort to evolve and grow the Faerie Ring, Sunset is providing the festival with more yoga, meditation, workshops and performances. This year the Faerie Ring will play host to Shaman Durek who is taking a break from his international tour to share his Transformative Healing work with us. Vibe Shaman, Danny Goldberg, is performing a special restorative Sacred Sound Healing on Sunday. Vedic Meditation facilitator, James Brown, is leading Morning and Evening Meditations throughout the weekend. The Epic Human, Danny Picard, is joining us for a workshop on Dream Manifestation, and our Shamanic sister, Pixie Pam, is returning to join Living Fae to gift The Faerie Rites and for another magical Journey Home workshop; in addition to a plethora of many more activities with our Faerie Ring Creative Conscious Leaders.

See below for Schedule of Activities. For Workshop Descriptions and information on our Creative Conscious Leaders check out our Workshop & Activities Blog Post, or for more information on everything you need to know about Sunset Campout check out

Opening Ceremony with Shaman Durek & Living Fae

Opening Ceremony with Shaman Durek & Living Fae

SUNSET CAMPOUT OPENING CEREMONY, is a special collaborative sacred ritual with Shaman Durek & Living Fae. Ceremony starts at 12noon on Friday, July 17th on the Beach Stage.


Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek is a Los Angeles based spiritual guide and gifted healer. As a Shaman, he acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical planes. He applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into people’s lives. Shaman Durek studied the practices of the Whirling Dervishes with the Sufi’s, did mediation work in Turkey and was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine for his service to the people. He learned about herbs in Belize in the jaguar jungle and on the island of Tobacco Caye, practiced Hare Krishna in San Francisco, and has studied the Bhagavad-Gita along with Hinduism and yoga. Durek has also studied Reiki and learned Hawaiian forms of healing from a Maori healer.

Danny Goldberg

Danny Goldberg

Danny Goldberg

Danny Goldberg’s Sacred Sound Healing weaves the restorative vibrations of singing bowls, gongs & chimes to create a blanket of healing sounds. The vibrations of these instruments enable us to journey within & center. The sound provides a channel for release, opening & transformation, tuning our vibrational frequency. Danny performs solo & in collaboration with Yoga, Qigong and Breathwork. Danny offers Sound Healing at yoga studios, healing centers & events throughout the U.S.including: Globe Sound Healing Conference, Phases of the Moon Festival, New Living Expo, Wanderlust, Breathe Yoga, Divinitree Yoga, Yoga Tree, UC Santa Cruz & Foothill College Music Programs, Science & Nonduality Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Beloved, Lucidity, Symbiosis & many more.

James Brown

James Brown

James Brown

James Brown teaches daily meditation for the modern life. He studied with Vedic Master Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles high in the Himalayas to complete his teacher training in Vedic Meditation. Before going to India, he studied intensively stateside with Thom’s protégé, Christian Bevacqua. Vedic Meditation is a technique  developed 5,000 years ago in India for what they called householders. Vedic Meditation is not a monastic practice. It was designed for the every day working person with a busy life. James can be found teaching his meditation techniques all over the Bay Area and the Pacific Coast.

Danny Picard

Danny Picard

Danny Picard

Danny G. Picard is an Intuitive Empath and Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.   He received his Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mastery in 2005 and received his Lightarian Reiki Mastery as well as Metatronia Therapist Level 1 attunement.  Danny became Master Metatronia Therapist and Official MT Workshop Facilitator in 2013 through MT’s founder Tammy Majchrzak.  Danny teaches groups and individuals all over higher vibrational forms of energy medicine beyond Usui Reiki Mastery. He holds a certification as a Holistic Massage Therapist through Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts as well being a (non practicing)  Metaphysician, Unicorn Wrangler, Wizard, Friend Activist, Multidimentional Healer , Lecturer, Webinar Host and Founder of The Epic Human Project.



Morning Yoga with Alexandra Sargent

Morning Yoga with Alexandra Sargent

Friday Morning

  • Morning Mediation Transformation with James Brown
  • Sunrise & Shine Yoga with Alexandra Sargent

Friday Afternoon/Eve

  • Feng Shui for Awesomeness with Stephanie Frame
  • Invoking Magic with Tara Samiy & Jacob Art
  • Herbs & Tinctures with Jessica Colette Choate
  • Flow Meditation with James Brown
  • Sunset & Flow Yoga with Alexandra Sargent
  • Shamanic Rhythmic Breathing with Shaman Durek
  • Faerie Sight Tea Service with Living Fae


Transformational Healing Workshop with Shaman Durek

Transformational Healing Workshop with Shaman Durek

Saturday Morning

  • Morning Meditation Illuminate wth James Brown
  • Igniting Your Fire Yoga with Dave Larot

Saturday Afternoon/Eve

  • Street Dance Fusion with Samantha Giron
  • Light Wave Therapy & Voice Bio with Danielly Aldana
  • Overtones of the Heart – a Sound Healing Concert with Aya Dunin, Coco Cohen, Awny Rael, & more
  • Introduction to Essential Oils with Stephanie Frame
  • Acoustic Guitar Sessions with Lacey Patterson
  • Manifesting Your Dreams and Thriving in the New Paradigm with Danny Picard
  • Flow Meditation with James Brown
  • Heart Of The Warrior Yoga with Dave Larot
  • How to Authenticate Your Power for Quantum Dynamic Change as According to Mystics with Shaman Durek
  • The Faerie Rites with Living Fae & Pixie Pam


The Journey Home with Pixie Pam & Tara Samiy

The Journey Home with Pixie Pam & Tara Samiy

Sunday Morning

  • Morning Meditation Restore with James Brown
  • Kundalini Yoga with Isabel Cali

Sunday Afternoon/Eve

  • Restorative Yoga with Zalia Aliriza
  • Sacred Sound Healing with Danny Goldberg
  • The Journey Home: Finding Shangri-la Within with Pixie Pam and Tara Samiy
  • Sunday Night Movies in the Faerie Ring

A schedule of workshop times will be listed in your Sunset Campout program when you arrive. We look forward to seeing, dancing, transforming and playing with you. See you there!

Love, Light and Faerie Dust!

Left to Right: Anne, Melanie

Left to Right: Anne, Melanie


The Spring Equinox & the Sunset Season Opener

Photo by Robin Russel

Photo by Robin Russel

The Spring Equinox is a time for renewal, sewing seeds and fertility. It is the day when feminine and masculine energies unite in sacred union. We celebrate the change of seasons, the balance of light and dark, yin and yang, and the return of new life.

Rituals you can perform for the Spring Equinox include symbolically planting seeds for the year, or conceiving new ideas to nurture through the season. A simple spring ritual you can do, apart from spring cleaning, is to bless some seeds with your ideas and plant them in a garden or pot.

It’s also common to use this time to free yourself from things or qualities holding you back. Since this is a day of balanced energies, it is a good time to perform workings where you are incorporating energies that are balanced. If you put your focus on one energy, make sure you balance it with a counterpart to raise the charge.

Along with setting personal intension and performing ritual, Spring Equinox is also a beautiful time of year to raise your vibration through celebration. In San Francisco, its time for us to commune, reconnect and dance in the park once again with our Sunset family and friends.

We are thoroughly blessed and have so much gratitude to our Sunset Sound System organizers, Galen and Solar, for allowing us to be of service and design the altars for another season of Sunset.

This year the Sunset Opener is honoring longtime Sunseter, DJ Nick (Nicole) Mason. Nick DJ’d with Sunset in the park and on the Sunset Boat Parties back in the day.


  • Event: Sunset Season Opener
  • Date: Sunday, March 22nd, 2015
  • Location: Stafford Lake, Novato, CA
  • Info: Please be sure to read updates and details on Facebook for more information. There are very important parking info updates.

“On March 20th, 1994 the first Sunset party happened in celebration of the Spring Equinox in Berkeley Marina, California. Overlooking the Golden Gate and the San Francisco skyline we danced into the evening. It’s this transformative time when the sun sets and we move from light to dark that has fueled 2 decades of friends and family coming together to bring close to the weekend and positivity to the week ahead. Drawing from the the spirit of sound system culture from Jamaica and UK, Sunset has produced over 150 free outdoor dance parties from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Whether it be a renegade beach party or a permitted event in the park the communal vibe has remained unchanged.” ~ Sunset Sound System

Photo by Eye C

Photo by Eye C

See you in the park!

Love, Light and Faerie Dust *.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.*

Living Fae at The Gathering 23 Year Anniversary Dance Celebration – December 13th

Living Fae is honored to be creating altars and sacred space at The Gathering 23 Year Anniversary Dance Celebration – December 13th. We will be doing a special candle lighting ceremony at the beginning of the evening to celebrate the light and to light the flames of inspiration and love! Put on your dancing shoes and come out and dance at what is sure to be a fun evening filled with good vibes, great people and music! This event is sure to sell out so get your tickets in advance. Look for us on the dance floor by following the trail of faerie dust!


The Gathering 23 year anniversary will take place at The Factory, 525 Harrison Street in San Francisco, on Saturday December 13th, 10pm to 6am. The very first Gathering was held in this same location way back in 1991 when it was an old church in disrepair. The event was underground-style with no permits, and we raved until nine in the morning. The energy created helped launch over two decades of top-notch parties.

This will be the very last Gathering at this location as there are plans in 2015 to tear down the facility in order to build high-rise condos – another sign of our ever-changing city.

The Gathering is one of the foundation parties of the San Francisco and U.S. rave scene. At the onset we started as four smaller parties coming together to throw a big community event and bring the scenes together. It has a solid reputation for great music, a positive environment, and friendly loving people.

The Gathering is so very proud to present our 23 year anniversary to help to bring the families together so people can see old friends and hear familiar tunes, experience current music, and meet new people in a positive loving environment.

TONY The Gathering
GALEN Sunset
DUTCH Techno Syndicate / White Ocean
ANTHONY MANSFIELD Disco Knights ( Burning Man ) / Green Gorilla
SEAN MURRAY Housepitality / Friends and Family
HARRY WHO Solid Grooves / The Gathering
NICO LUMINIOUS Muti Music, Street Ritual, Culture Life Hi-Fi
MIHKAL Symbiosis

Michael K. Matel • UV99 • Mark Johns • Donovan’s Lights Out Light Show • Melanie & Anne ~ Living Fae • Scott Claxton – Brian Gainey



10 pm to 6 am.
21+ w I.D. Full Bar.
Come early for the full experience.

The Factory
525 Harrison Street, San Francisco.


Living Fae at Sunset Campout 2014 ~ July 25th – 27th



We are once again fluttering about in anticipation for our favorite annual event, Sunset Campout. Sunset Campout takes place in Belden Town, CA along the breathtaking Feather River July 25th – 27th.

We have been designing altars for our friends and Sunset Sound System community for 12 years, and feel very lucky and blessed to be given the space to express the divine inspiration channeling through us. We love our Sunset friends and family so much and can’t wait to work, play and dance with everyone again.

The Beach

The Beach

As always, there is a stellar musical line up and amazing art. Performances by Soul Clap, Danny Daze, Three, Dave Aju, and Pillow Talk to name only a few, so be sure to check out the Sunset Campout website for details on the line up.

DJ Galen ~ Main Stage

DJ Galen ~ Main Stage

The Sunset Campout Faerie Ring is back and we are excited to expand the area and activities this year. We will host more yoga, meditations, healing workshops, a juicing demo and a very special Hang Drum performance by Laura Inserra. Our favorite shaman, Shaman Durek is with us again to share his knowledge and healing magic. For our Schedule of Activities see below or for more information, please see the Sunset Campout website.

Faerie Ring

Faerie Ring

Faerie Ring with Shaman Durek

Faerie Ring with Shaman Durek

OPENING CEREMONY, a special collaborative sacred ritual with Shaman Durek & Living Fae, starts at 12noon on Friday, July 25th on the Beach Stage.


FRIDAY, July 25th


AS10:00am – 11:00am
Yoga: Sky Above, Earth Below
Alexandra Sargent
A grounding and revitalizing hatha-vinyasa flow to wake us up and welcome in the love and beauty of the Feather River and Belden.   


Friday Evening

AS6:00pm – 7:00pm
Yoga: Sunset Salutations
Alexandra Sargent
“The sun shines not on us, but in us. The river flows not past us but through us.” John Muir. A invigorating flow through the sun salutes, to bring awareness to our breath, for clarity and awareness in all our actions.


LI7:30pm – 8:30pm
Hang Drum: A Musical Journey 
Laura Inserra
Join Laura Inserra for her collection of soulful sounds to induce a meditative atmosphere in this ambient hang drum performance.


durek9:00pm – 10:30pm
How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides
Shaman Durek
Shaman Durek will teach you to make an introduction to your guides, how to understand your guides and learn how to create a relationship with them so you have awareness in all areas of your life.




Dave10:30am – 11:30am
Yoga: Morning Salutes to the Sun
Dave Larot
A moderately paced class to bring synchronicity between breath and movement; backbends are included.


tommie12:00pm – 1:00pm
The Liquid Garden Juicing Demo
Tommie Murphy
A demo showcasing a variety of methods on how to juice/blend your produce into a healthy beverage. Including a discussion on the many health and wellness benefits attained through a daily juicing practice.

Saturday Evening

am6:00pm – 7:00pm
Energy Center Alignment
Living Fae
A guided meditation to align your energy centers and create greater heart expansion by developing an awareness of the power and life giving force of the Sun.


Dave7:30pm – 8:30pm
Yoga: Firing Up the Gods & Goddesses
Dave Larot
Transform your body with deep twists to work your outer hips and core.


durek9:00pm – 10:30pm
Shamanic Elemental Breath Work
Shaman Durek
Release toxins and blocked energy, increase blood flow, and illuminate and raise the vibration of your spiritual body in an intensive breath work session with Shaman Durek.




pam3:30pm – 4:30pm
The Journey Home
Pixie Pam & Tara Samiy
A guided meditation to prepare for the journey home. Pam and Tara lead a sacred ritual through the sound of the drum, a rhythm that runs through nature and our hearts, to help ground, recharge and reflect on our weekend.

See you there!

Love, Light and Faerie Dust!

Melanie & Anne